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Register with the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association

"So you, or someone you know, would like to become a certified Grassroots US Soccer Referee?"

Before you begin, please be aware that there are some requirements for all Entry Level Referees...

The person registering:

  • must be at least 14 years old (or will be within 90 days or less)

This is a North Carolina Labor Law

  • must have a valid email address which only they will use.

This email cannot be shared with another individual

  • must have a valid Debit or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card)

It is recommended that prepaid cards are NOT used to pay the registration fee.  The registration fee is $100.00 and will be charged to the card entered.

  • must have Social Security Number

This number is required for background checks and payments

  • must submit to a Criminal Background History Check

This is run only for persons 18 years old and above

Now that you know the requirements, what is it you need to complete?

1) Complete the intial registration and payment
Completing the registration will allow you access to the New Referee Course found under the Clinics tab in Arbiter.  You will need to complete the training course requirements to become a certified US Soccer Referee.  This registration is the first step.

2) Complete the online requirements

Click onto the Eligibility Center

To reach the new Eligibility Center, after you log into your Arbiter official’s main page, go to the Arbiter Central Hub.  From there, click on the Eligibility tab.  When that is done another window will appear with the question “Proceed to Eligibility?” Click on “continue”. At that point you should see the Eligibility Dashboard.  From there you will see two relevant eligibilities “2022 New Referee” or “2022 Recert Referee all grades”. Once you click on a tier you will see the various available levels or tiers within that eligibility.  On the right side of the page, you will see a box with an “enroll” bar at the bottom.  It will list all of the tiers and you can select those you wish to possibly complete.  You must choose “enroll” to be able to access the requirements listed in the selected eligibility. Once a requirement has been met there will be a green check beside them.  The “in person events” cannot be completed by any referee.  The requirements are completed by the office when information that those requirements have been met are received.  These address things such as confirming completion of Safesport Training, or PFT and Assessment requirements.

This link will access a tutorial video regarding the eligibilities tracking. Passcode is: $5a8DF#t

3) New referees for 2022 must also attend an on field training session (or Webinar as long as COVID19 restrictions are in place). 

You can sign up for one of these once you have completed this Arbiter registration. 

You can sign up for the on field training course or webinar you wish to attend by clicking your Arbiter Profile tab, then click on Schedule, then clicking Self-assign and then selecting the clinic you wish to attend.


To schedule attendance at one of the "on field" training sessions required for new referees, all of which are being offered as webinars currently, go to the schedule tab (from your Arbiter log in page, not the Central Hub) and then click on master schedule.  You can filter this list to show just the training clinics by clicking the "all sports and levels" button and selecting "practical field training: new ref field training," and then "go."  Once the list displays, you can select the clinic you want to attend.  Having made your choice go to the self-assign tab and filter it to show the training sessions.  When the one you want displays click assign to select that clinic.  If you cannot get any clinic to display in self-assign, first check to be sure you have marked yourself as ready to be assigned on your profile page.  This must be checked to be assigned. If it still does not work send Marianne MacDonald at the NCSRA Office an email with your name and which clinic you want to attend and she will assign you to it.  Her email is [email protected]

Once you have completed all of your requirements you will receive an Eligibility Icon on your profile. You will then be able to work for any assignor.

In the fall of 2022, you will need to recertify to referee in 2023.

Please report any error in credit card processing, should one occur, to NCSRA immediately via email to [email protected]

What Comes Next?

If you have completed all of your online requirements, your account will have an eligibility icon under your picture on your profile.

The icon denotes that you are now completed and certified.

Once you have added the assignor information to your profile, your assignor will be able to assign you soccer matches.

What's Next?

Referee Uniform

This link will provide information for obtaining a USSF Referee Uniform

LYSA uniform info

USSF Badge

The NCSRA Office will provide you with a United State Soccer Federation Referee Badge via USPS. US Soccer will provide you with a USSF Identification Number, via a registration card. This number is similar to a Social Security Number, as no other Referee will have the same ID Number.

Arbiter Main Tab

Mark yourself "Ready to be Assigned"

Once you sign into the Arbiter and you click on "Official" there will be a checkbox on the main page that says "Ready To Be Assigned". 

Click this checkbox on your profile so assignors will know that you're ready to work games. 

Keeping the box unchecked will let your Assignor know you are not available to work.


Arbiter Profile Tab

Click the Profile tab ensure that your profile displays the correct information.

On the left side of the Profile page, click the Custom Fields link.

The information on this page applies to only you. This is where you can change shirt size, Assignor numbers, input tournament codes, etc.

Add yourself to assignors' rosters

ARA & Assignor Numbers  (Updated spring 2022)

Locally, LYSA is in region 8, supervised by Ed Guzowski, and our Assignor, James Sharp, is #195.

So, under profile then custom fields, locate the text box labled USSF ARA & Assignor #(s). In the text box, enter (33)(195)

Additionally, add any other assignors/location numbers you might want to work--Burke, CVYSA, Wings of Wilkesboro, or High Country are all drivable options from Lenoir.

Once you add the numbers, please allow the system to update 24 hours. During this time you will be added to your Assignors list of Referees. You can add up to ONLY 4 Assignor Numbers at one time like this (##)(##)(##)(##).

After waiting 24 hours; if you would like to add more Assignor Numbers, delete the numbers originally added, and add the next numbers. The system will then need to update another 24 hours. Once it has updated, you will be added to a total of eight Assignors, versus four.

Arbiter Blocks Tab

Clicking the Blocks Tab will allow you to block out dates that you cannot work.

Adjusting your blocks is very important. Your assignor will rely on your availability to assign you games.

Please block out dates and times that you know you will not be able to referee.

If you need assistance with Blocks, please review the Setting up Blocks video below

Setting up Blocks 

Getting Game Assignments

Email your Local Area Assignor and the other Assignors that you've signed up to work for, so that they know that you are ready to referee.

If you are not getting games:

1) Look at your Custom Fields settings on your profile. Your assignor numbers may not be correct. 

2) Look at your blocks tab and ensure that your blocks are updated to receive assignments. 

3) Make sure that you're marked "Ready To Be Assigned" on your profile. 

4) You may not be marked "Active" in the system by Administrators.

This is a permission that only administrators can change.  Contact your local assignor to help you understand why you have been marked inactive or to have yourself marked Active. 

Please Note: You will be marked inactive, due to denial by a Criminal Background History Check. Please contact the NCSRA Office if you feel as if you should not be denied.


Receiving Games From Assignors

If all of the above items are correct, you will be ready to get games. When you receive games from your Assignor, you will receive notification via email.

To view the game, please access your Schedule Tab.

You will first need to log in and then click on Official's view (Not Central Hub). Within this view, you should see the tab Schedule.

When your Local Area Assignor or Tournament Assignor sends you a game assignment, you will get an email from Arbitersports. It will say that you have new games from "USSF-NC" or another group depending on your location and your assignor. This will inform you to log into the Arbitersports website and view your schedule.

The Schedule Tab  video

From here, please accept or decline the assignment by clicking either checkbox. Be sure to click the Submit button to submit the changes and accept or decline the game.


After you're certified, you are free to referee tournaments throughout the State of North Carolina. There are tournaments held throughout the year and the best place to view them is on the Tournament & Event List. Once you are uploaded to US Soccer's Database and receive a USSF ID Number, you will be able to referee in any State in the United States.

NCSRA Tournament & Event List
NC Soccer Sanctioned Tournaments

How To Sign Up For A Tournament? 

1) Tournament Invitations are sent out a few weeks prior to a tournament by email.

Review the invitation email or review the tournament event page and look for the tournament codes that are provided. Each tournament has a specific code.

The codes will resemble this:



2) In Arbitersports while acting as an "Official", go to your personal profile.

3) On the left side of the screen, click Custom Fields.

Scroll down to the USSF-NC Section and look for the Tournaments section.

4) Locate the tournament dates

It will resemble this:

Tournaments 1-7-8-17 (Which means January 7-8 2017)

5) Click the drop-down box next to the tournament date of your choosing

6) Click the tournament code you would like

Typically there will be multiple tournament codes in the drop-down box. Please be sure that you are selecting the correct tournament code.

The "H" (xxxx17H) at the end of each code stands for "Housing" or "Hotel". 

Selecting a code with an "H" lets the assignor know that you are requesting housing for this tournament. 

All persons under the age of 18 requesting housing, MUST be accompanied by a parent or Adult/Guardian.



If you should need assistance for USSF-NC Arbitersports issues please contact Alex or Marianne at the NCSRA Office.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00Pm

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 336-763-1833

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